The Good Hills

The Story so far...

It is the Crown Year 611.

Catherine Straw, her Brother Glick Straw, and their cousin Fatir Grappos, all grandchildren of Gentleman Vinter Henry Grappos, left their quiet apprenticeships in the Eastern Good Hills to seek adventure and fortune in the western valley carved by the mighty Javan River, between the Good Hills and the Mighty Crystalmist Mountains

First seeking adventure in the bustling crossroad city of Flen, the party was unable to procure employment due to their lack of reputation. However they did hear rumor of bandit troubles in the hobbit town of PepperFerry to the south.

Traveling to Pepperferry, they met Berry Sandybanks, a local beekeeper who had been robbed by bandits a couple of weeks prior. From his directions the party explored the dungeons under the Ruins of Castle Engorna, where they mightily slew kobolts, giant rats, spiders and centipedes, and the dreaded “Boss Rat”. Lowering into a partially water filled cave the party fought a skeleton guarding a chest, inside the chest, amongst other items was a treasure map to the Ruins of Montour, an abandoned village across the Javan River, in unpatrolled no-man’s land.

The party headed out with Berry and his human friend Tom Tallow. On the way to the ruins they met with members of the Flanish Tribe of Oso, who reported bandit problems. They also came across Mountain Dwarves headed toward Keoland, included a friendly one named Teva.

Coming to the town the party fought and killed an Ogress and her two wolf companions, and discovered the Ogress had down the work for them of killing the bandits, but also rescured two women of the Oso tribe (Chee and Vu). The heroes returned Chee and Vu to the tribe amongst much celebration.

Returning to PepperFerry the party rested for a while, the toast of the small town briefly. Soon they recieved a summons from the near by free lord Robin. Traveling south to Ramhead Castle, Lord Robin offered them service as his ‘specialist’ group. The party agreed to one year of service, for a small monthly stipend and room and board.


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